Caravan Tyres

Mototyres 2 u trained mobile tyre fitters repair and fit caravan & motorhome tyres in and around South Lincolnshire.

Convenient mobile tyre fitting

Mototyres 2 u provide mobile tyre fitting & puncture repairs for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camper Vans & Trailer Tents. Tyres can be fitted conveniently on your driveway at home, or even at a campsite or secure storage compound.

We fit caravan & motorhome tyres within 25 miles of our base near Holbeach – see areas covered for more details. Tyres are an important maintenance item for all touring caravan owners. Safety guidelines exist to prevent caravan punctures and blow-outs:

Caravan Tyre Guidelines

The legal minimum tread for caravan tyres is 1.6mm across three quarters of the tread, however replacement is recommend at 3mm because performance deteriorates.

Tyre minimum tread depth 3mm 20p coin check test.

The Caravan Club recommend that caravan tyres are replaced after 5 years (even if they appear to be in good condition), and not used if more than 7 years old. Caravan tyres are subjected to UV light, heavy loads and irregular use, which can lead to flat spots, uneven wear and age-related problems.

Above all, caravanners should monitor their caravan tyre pressures regularly and also inspect caravan tyres for sidewall cracks, bulges or signs of wear.

Check the age of caravan tyres

Tyre manufacture dates are shown on the sidewall of the tyre in the form of four-number ‘DOT’ code. The four numbers after the letters DOT represent the week and year, for instance ‘DOT 3219’ were made during week 32 of 2019. In summary, buy the newest caravan tyres possible to ensure their long life.

Instructions to identify tyre age for mobile caravan tyre fitting
TYRON flat tyre protection

Mototyres 2 u can supply and fit Tyron bands, or replace caravan tyres which are fitted with Tyron bands.

Tyron MultiBands are a popular safety device which can help to minimise the effects of a tyre blow-out. In the event of a puncture or blow-out, Tyron bands ‘lock’ the tyre onto the wheel rim, allowing the driver to retain control of the vehicle.

They are particularly popular with caravans and motorhomes. In addition, some touring caravan insurers even offer reduced insurance premiums when Tyron bands are fitted.

Contact Mototyres 2 u for friendly advice and free quotations for mobile caravan tyre fitting & puncture repairs.

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